What Does Owning a German Shepherd Say About You? 8 Qualities You Might Have

Owning a German Shepherd has always been a way to make a statement. They’re one of the most versatile dogs. From herding, guarding, tracking, agility, Schutzhund, law enforcement, rescue to eye-seeing, they can do it all. Yet, what does it say about you if you own one?

Like dog like owner, if you own a German Shepherd, it’s very likely that you are smart, active, and love hard work. People look upon you because you are a natural-born leader. You are confident, trustworthy, and strong-minded. 

In this article, let’s go through some of the qualities a German Shepherd owner might have.

1. You are smart and sharp

German Shepherds are the third most intelligent dogs on the planet. They are smart and they are fast. They can do almost anything they are assigned to. 

Yet, German Shepherds can be stubborn at times because they have high levels of intelligence. They may also become disobedient if they feel like you don’t train them properly. Therefore, as a German Shepherd owner, you must be smart and sharp enough to bond with your furry friend otherwise they will think they can outsmart you.

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2. You live an active lifestyle

​​German Shepherds are high-energy dogs and they always need to be out and about. Walking, hiking or playing fetch with your German Shepherd for at least one hour a day is the minimum. 

On top of that, your German Shepherd is a working that always needs to explore new places and has some time to do. With a German Shepherd, you are no stranger to jogging, running, biking, hiking, camping, and anything in between.

3. You exhibit leadership by setting rules and boundaries

German Shepherds are working dogs, which means they need clear rules and boundaries. Without them, they will become destructive or difficult to handle. German Shepherds need to know what their role in the family is. 

They also need to be shown that the rules you set are consistent because that way they’ll understand which behaviors are acceptable and which ones won’t be tolerated. 

That said, as a German Shepherd owner, you are the leader of the pack and you teach your German Shepherd what is right and not right to do. You are confident and always know what is the right thing to do.

4. You are full of positive engery

Positive reinforcement is the key to obedience training for your dog. You understand the more your reward your dog for following your commands, the more likely he will obey. 

This means that you will always create situations where the dog will naturally seek to do what you want. With lots of praises, hugs, or treats, you excel in motivating your German Shepherd for the better. 

And at the end of the day, your positive energy will manifest itself in your life, you health, and the people around you.

5. You are consistent and patient

All GSD owner understands being a good trainer is the way to success. The dog needs to learn that you are the leader and that he is supposed to obey you. 

Chances are you are always looking for books and videos that can help you learn how to be a good trainer. And most importantly, there’s no magic overnight. You know your German Shepherd cannot learn everything all at once. 

You understand the rule is to be consistent. You have good planning and start off with simple and easy commands with patience. And you give your dog a lot of love and praise. 

Over time, you have also trained yourself to be patient and consistent when it comes to dealing with your dog, your loved ones, your work, and anything in life.

6. You enjoy good company

German Shepherds are wonderful companion dogs. They will literally follow their owner everywhere they go (even to the bathroom), like a shadow.

On top of that GSDs are also good listeners. They love to sit down with you while you spend the day speaking to them about how you feel and what went on. 

This breed is seriously going to help you relieve your stress level since you are sure that you’ll have someone to talk to – and they never judge you and seems to understand you more than anyone else. 

7. You are tolerant

Living with a German Shepherd, you are very likely to be more tolerant than the others in many ways.

German Shepherds are known to be shedding a lot. As their owner, you will be tolerant of the fact that dog hair is everywhere – our clothes, on your bed (no doubt), on your couch, in your car, on your plate, and anywhere you can or cannot imagine. 

German Shepherd also has a reputation for being very vocal. They bark,  howl, whine, moan, and also make many other strange sounds. The loudness of their bark was found to be louder than the sound of a moving truck which emitted 86 decibels of sound. But as their owner, you are probably used to all kinds of funny noises your GSD produces without complaint.

You will also be accustomed to the fact that you have no privacy in the house. Wherever you go, to the yard, in the living room, into the kitchen, and even to the bathroom, you will always have a shadow to follow you.

8. You have high moral values

German Shepherds are used as police dogs because they have a reputation of being intelligent, highly trainable, energetic, obedient, powerful.

Being police dogs, they put their life at risk to fight against crime and save lives. Their hard work represents a high moral standard.

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As a GSD owner, it’s very likely that you also inherit the morality of doing the right thing for the people. You are honest, ethical, and have high morals and values.