Train Your Dog to Be Home Alone

When the puppy, after a few days, have adapted to its new environment, it is time to teach it how to be alone at the house. The dog is a pack animal, and it is therefore very unnatural for a dog to be left alone. Using a “baby gate” a puppy can learn to be separate from the family without feeling completely alone.

Start the training when the puppy is tired and have an empty bladder. It is important that you place the puppy a place where it is safe and used to reside. Deflect its attention with a bone and then disappear from sight for a few minutes. Let the radio and light stay on, as if you are still in the house. Leave the dog without saying goodbye.

Ideally, you should return before the dog becomes restless. If the puppy whines, you should to return until the puppy has been quiet for a few minutes. When you return, you should ignore the puppy (it’s tough, but it helps not to dramatize the experience for the dog).

Repeat this exercise several times a day for a few minutes. Extend the period of which you are gone, but do not go too fast.

You can benefit greatly by acquiring a “baby gate”. The gate is placed in a way so the puppy cannot come into direct contact with you, but the dog can hear and perhaps see that you are nearby. This way the training can be practiced slowly and become more natural and comfortable for the dog.

The gate may also prevent your puppy’s access to dangerous stairs or keeping it away from a busy kitchen.