Top 10 German Shepherd Blogs You Must Read

German Shepherds are loving, loyal, and wonderful companions. There’s no doubt that we all want the very best for our pets, but it won’t happen overnight. You need to do your homework and learn as you go. The good news is, it’s incredibly handy to turn to the internet to find the best GSD blogs for advice. 

Whether it’s choosing the best food for our furry friend or information about health, you’ll find a wealth of knowledge out there that you can use to enhance your GSD’s wellbeing. Here are our pick on the 10 best German Shepherd blogs for new owners, current owners, owners-to-be, or anyone who want to learn more about the gorgeous breed.

1. GermanShepherd101


Monthly pageviews: 27,800 (actual data from our Google Analytics as of Feb 2022)

GermanShepherd101 is an online resource guide for first-time GSD owners or anyone who is interested in learning more about GSDs. Our blog talks about things you have to know before getting a GSD, health and care, training and behavior, new owner’s tips, and the likes.

Our German Shepherd Puppy Training Guide for Beginners is one of the handiest training guides for first-time GSD owners. It contains easy-to-follow guides and video clips on crate training, puppy nipping,  jumping, and more.

Top 5 blog posts:

How Cold Can German Shepherds Tolerate? (Caring Tips Included)

How Much Does A Purebred German Shepherd Puppy Cost?

German Shepherd vs Wolf – What’s the Difference?

Top Movies Featuring German Shepherds [Comedies, Dramas, Wars, Actions and More]

Can You Stop German Shepherd from Shedding?

2. Anything German Shepherd


Estimated monthly SEO pageviews: 43,000 (Data from, for reference only.)

AnythingGermanShepherd is a very comprehensive GSD blog that contains almost everything you need to learn about German Shepherds. The contents are written by a handful of freelance writers so you can expect a variety of topics and styles.

Top 5 blog posts:

St Bernard German Shepherd Mix: The Saint Shepherd

The Blue German Shepherd: What Should You Know About It?

German Shepherd Wolf Mix: Not For First-Time Dog Owners

German Shepherd Mastiff Mix: How Can This Rare Mix Make A Great Family Dog?

DDR German Shepherd: Everything You Need to Know

3. German Shepherd Corner


Estimated monthly SEO pageviews: 24,000 (Data from, for reference only.)

Founded and written by Gabriella, a Certified Professional Dog Trainer, Canine Nutrition Consultant, has a mission of helping people to have a Well-Balanced, Healthy Dog. Being a German Shepherd mom herself, the advice she shares is first-handed owner’s tips and also based on cutting-edge science in the fields of animal behavior and nutrition. This site has also been featured or mentioned in some top-notch publications such as Virbac, Simple Wag, ProPetHero, and Brain Training for Dogs.

Top 5 blog posts:

5 German Shepherd Breed Types: Which is Right for You?

German Shepherd Training: The 7 Golden Rules & Basic Commands

The Working Line German Shepherd: Origins, History and Traits

7 Ways to Fix Floppy German Shepherd Puppies Ears

What is the Best Dog Nail Grinder – German Shepherd Corner

4. German Shepherd Dog HQ


Estimated monthly SEO pageviews: 20,000 (Data from, for reference only.)

German Shepherd Dog HQ was founded by Lenni who owns an 8-year-old German Shepherd. And his idea was to share with others the things that he had learned first-hand being a GSD owner. Not only can you find tips on training, caring for, health, and breed information about German Shepherd on the site, you can also find one of the most comprehensive collections of articles of German Shepherd mixed breeds. If you are interested to learn more, check out their top pages listed here:

Top 5 blog posts:

The German Shepherd Coonhound Mix

The Liver German Shepherd (Explained)

The St. Bernard German Shepherd Mix

The German Shepherd Pomeranian Mix

The German Shepherd Black Mouth Cur Mix

5. World of Dogz


Estimated monthly SEO pageviews:21,700 (Data from, for reference only.)

Don’t take the name of this website for granted. It is by no means a general website about any dogs. Founded by Sharon Waddington, a former British Police Officer with almost 30 years’ service on the streets of Manchester, England, it is literally a dedicated website for the enthusiasts of German Shepherds. Her aim is to provide dog lovers from all over the world with a great place to interact. All articles stem from her personal experiences and her own research and include interviews with many canine professionals.

Top 5 blog posts:

German Shepherd Types: 5 Breed Variations (With Pictures)

7 Fascinating Facts About Blue German Shepherds

9 Interesting Facts About Silver German Shepherds

German Shepherd Husky Mix: 9 Tips for a First Time Owner

White German Shepherd: Rarity, Cost, Temperament, and More!

6. The German Shepherder


Estimated monthly SEO pageviews:18,200 (Data from, for reference only.)

With over 300 articles, The German Shepherder is one of the authority websites in the niche. There’s a little chance you won’t come across this site if you are to look for GSD-related information via Google. It started out with content mostly related to German Shepherds only. And recently it has also covered Labradors, Rottweilers, Dobermans, and Pit Bull Terriers.

Top 5 blog posts:

German Shepherd Greyhound Mix: Fast and Forever Loyal

German Shepherd Weight And Growth Chart: Puppy To Adult

German Shepherd Feeding Guide: All You Need to Know

Shiba Inu German Shepherd Mix: All You Need to Know

German Shepherd Coyote Mix: Be Careful With This Breed!

7. Shepherd Sense


Estimated monthly SEO pageviews: 16,800 (Data from, for reference only.)

Shepherd Sense was founded by Catherine, who has grown up with and owns German Shepherds. She has Bachelor’s degree in Psychology with continuing education in Animal Behavior and Dog Training. Shepherd Sense is her ongoing research into our lovable breed, shared for all who need a helping hand. This website is full of topics that will help you increase your understanding of basic training, learn the best ways to live with your German Shepherd and give you more confidence in interacting with your GSD.

Top 5 blog posts:

21 German Shepherd Mixes (Today’s Most Popular Pups)

6 Speedy Ways To Train A German Shepherd

Best Male and Female German Shepherd Names (That’ll Make Your Friends Jealous)

Male vs Female German Shepherd: Which is Better?

How Much to Feed a German Shepherd Puppy

8. AllShepherd


Estimated monthly SEO pageviews: 16,000 (Data from, for reference only.)

Allshepherd stands out from the crowd by writing extensively on food and nutrition and German Shepherd puppies. You can find the answers to the most frequently asked question such as, Managing German Shepherd Diarrhea, German Shepherd Seizure, When Should You Spay Or Neuter A German Shepherd? Can German Shepherds Eat Raw Chicken? A Complete Guide, Can German Shepherds Eat (Raw) Eggs, and many more.

Top 5 blog posts:

German Shepherd Mastiff Mix – AllShepherd

Czech German Shepherds: Weight, Height, Temperament, Price

German Shepherd Growth Chart Featuring Weight And Height

German Shepherd Sloping Back VS Straight Back

The Rarity Of The Brindle Colored German Shepherds

9. Total German Shepherd


Estimated monthly SEO pageviews: 12,200 (Data from, for reference only.)

The design and navigation of the website have already given you a hint that this is a website built at the beginning of the 21st century. And you bet. The footer says 2005-2018. If you spend the time to dig out the information of this website, this could be a gold mine even though it has not and need not to be updated for 4 years so far.

Top 5 blog posts:

German Shepherd Dog | German Shepherd Puppy

How To Find Free German Shepherd Puppies [2021 Guide]

Blue German Shepherds: Health, Prices, Rarity & Behavior

German Shepherd Puppy Prices – 2021 Guide

Female German Shepherd Names | Unique & Strong (2021)

10. Shepped


Estimated monthly SEO pageviews: 8400 (Data from, for reference only.)

Shepped is a GSD blog with the goal to celebrate this wonderful breed and give you information that will help you form a lifelong bond with your furry friend. If you are thinking about adopting a German Shepherd, this website will give you the advice to help you make an informed decision. If you already own a German Shepherd, they will help you learn about training, healthcare, hygiene, and other useful subjects. Most of their articles are light and easy to read.

Top 5 blog posts:

What Are The Most Popular German Shepherd Mixes For 2021

The Black German Shepherd – True or Myth? |

White German Shepherd – Why Are They So Special

Long Haired German Shepherd = Long Hair Problems? Nope

German Shepherd Names – What Are The Most Commonly Used Names?

Final Thought

It is actually eye-opening and revealing to write this article. I don’t know why we have not written this article sooner. Just by going through the top posts of each site has already given me a sense of what people are really interested in reading about German Shepherds.

And as you may have noticed, German Shepherd mixed breeds are one of the most popular topics among these 10 sites. Going forward, we will be starting to add similar topics to GermanShepherd101.

If you are interested to learn more about breed information on German Shepherds, you may check out these posts: