SIMPLE TEST: Is The Asphalt Too Hot For My Dog’s Paws?

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The summer is a lovely time! We love the sun, beach toys, sun screen, ice-cream and lots lots more! But before going for a walk with your German Shepherd in the lovely weather, there is something important you need to remember.

Dog paws are not as happy with the fierce heat as humans are, and year after year, dogs are hospitalized with serious burns on their paws.

However, it is not that hard to test if the asphalt is too hot for the daily walk. All you have to do is to put your hand on the asphalt, on its back. Can you stand the heat in more than five seconds, it is safe for your dog to walk on the asphalt, concrete and the like. However, if you can not cope with the heat for five seconds, it is recommended that you stay home with your dog, or just walk along grassy paths.

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