Do you feed your dog well?

Imagine if your child only ate junk food for dinner. Would you do the same for your dog?
PetPlate offers a vet-designed program that provides fresh, healthy, and human-grade dog meals delivered at your door.


Find the best solution for your dog

At PetPlate, you’ll discover a range of healthy, all-natural dog food delivered to your door. Your dog will enjoy high-quality protein, grain-free options, and tasty treats.


Why PetPlate?


100% money-back guarantee.

Easy to customize

Tailored choices for your pup’s needs.

Free delivery

Order online delivered to your door free of charge.

You know what you’re feeding your dog.

You already know the foods you feed your family, and now it’s time to know the food you’re feeding your pup. Natural ingredients, cooked in a USDA facility. It’s time to feel good about what you’re giving your dog.

Vet-designed, human-grade dog food.

PetPlate uses human-grade ingredients so your dog can eat healthily and live longer. Their vet-designed recipes ensure that your pup will get the nutrients they need and enjoy their meals without all of the fillers and preservatives found in other dog foods.

Make your life easier.

As a busy pet parent, you don’t always have time to shop, cook or clean. You deserve a time-saver. Stop wasting your time and get fresh dog food delivered to your door.

Get 50% Off

Your dog deserves the best.

Customizable options for your pup’s needs.

Made with the love of his own dog.

Renaldo Webb, who worked as a pet food consultant, founded PetPlate after seeing the inferior ingredients and processes to mass-market dog food, he began developing a healthy alternative for his own dog. 

How does a subscription to PetPlate work?

PetPlate subscription service delivers ready-to-serve, fresh-cooked meals that are personalized according to your dog’s nutritional needs. 

Shipping is always free, and your pup’s meals are delivered fresh to your door based on a delivery frequency outlined in your pup’s personalized meal plan.

Orders are shipped on Mondays or Tuesdays depending on your zip code, and offer 1-day shipping to most parts of the U.S.

10 million

Meals served

From $2.5

Per day

Stop guessing and start feeding your dog better.

Risk-free: 100% money-back guarantee


Your dog deserves the best.

Customize your plan to suit your dog’s needs.