How Much Does A German Shepherd Cost?


How much does a German Shepherd cost? Well that depends on the German Shepherd and where you get her. If you happen to know someone who can’t keep their German Shepherd (perhaps they’re moving or have discovered that their child is severely allergic to dogs), then you might be lucky to get one for free.

german shepherd price

You can also adopt a German Shepherd from an animal shelter or rescue organization (I highly recommend this – you might as well help save a German Shepherd) for a small fee – sometimes less than $100 for animal shelters, and $100 to $200 for rescue organizations.

A German Shepherd puppy bought from a respected breeder will usually cost between $300 and $900 (or more), depending on whether she is a normal German Shepherd, show-dog or a working dog. Adult German Shepherds who are proven show dogs or work dogs cost $6,000 to $7,000 or more.

Keep in mind that these prices include only the German Shepherd, not any of the expenses for food, supplies or veterinary care, which may in many cases equal or exceed the cost of the German Shepherd each year.

Why Do The German Shepherd Cost Vary So Much?

The price of a German Shepherd depends on where you get her, her breeding and what, if anything, he’s trained to do. German Shepherds obtained from animal shelters and rescue organizations are relatively inexpensive because these organizations charge only enough to cover their costs.

Reputable breeders, when pricing their German Shepherds, must factor in the expenses involved in breeding, raising, training and showing their dogs. A puppy whose parents (and often grandparents and other relatives) are proven show or hunting champions has the potential to excel in these areas as well and will cost more money than a puppy who is the offspring of just average parents. Adult German Shepherds from proven show or hunting lines are more expensive than similarly bred puppies because of the additional costs of raising a puppy to adulthood and because it’s easier to determine overall quality in an adult dog. Finally, the most expensive German Shepherds are those adults who have already proven themselves as show dogs, K9 or breeding dogs. There’s very little risk involved in purchasing a proven German Shepherd – and these dogs will be priced accordingly.

How Much Does A German Shepherd Cost Annually?

The cost of dog-keeping varies considerably depending on your German Shepherd (including size, age and overall health), the quality of supplies and equipment,and even where you live. The following numbers should give you an idea of what to expect.

german shepherd cost

For A German Shepherd Puppy In Her First Year:

  • Veterinary care, including general care and laboratory tests: $100 – $200
  • Immunizations: $50 – $100
  • Spay or neuter: $50 – $200
  • Internal and external parasite treatment and control: $100 – $150
  • Food: $150 – $250
  • Miscellaneous expenses, including collar, leash, bowls, toys, grooming supplies and obedience training: $200 – $225

Total: $650 to $1,125 for the first year only. Note that this total does not include the cost of the puppy.

For An Adult Dog The Annual Costs Would Involve:

  • Veterinary care, including general care and laboratory tests: $50 – $125
  • Immunizations: $40 – $75
  • Internal and external parasite treatment and control: $100 – $150
  • Food: $200 – $400
  • Miscellaneous expenses: $100 – $125

Total: $490 to $875 per year.

These figures are estimates only and they do not include expenses related to illnesses, injuries, showing, competition, breeding, boarding or travel. Senior dogs usually require more health care than adults or puppies.From these figures, it’s clear that the care of a reasonably healthy German Shepherd living to the age of 12 to 14 years could easily cost $7,000 to $15,000 or more.

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  1. I might possibly have to sell my German Shepherd dog. How would I go about finding out what would be a reasonable price on selling him for?

    1. Post

      Well, the price depends on age, health, how trained the dog is and their pedigree (if they have one). If I were you, I would try and find a dog similar to yours and see what price tag that has 🙂

  2. I have a 10 week old male AKC registered German shepherd puppy for sale. He is a long haired puppy. His litter per breeder is sold at $2600, I am willing to make a deal.

    1. Why are you selling? Is he full akc registered? I am willing to deal if in perfect health? We just lost our baby of a terrible disease in which he was born with, We have a large fenced yard, plenty of toy’s and will give much love.

  3. My female just had 7 puppies. Purebred will be akc registered when they are ready to leave. Will have shots and everything else done before I sell them. The female comes from a champion blood line. Male does not as far as I know. The male is more of a long hair female more short hair.

  4. I have 4 AKC excellent Eastern European Black and Tan german shepherd puppies for sale . I have 2 males and 2 females . They are 6 weeks old , born 6/12/2017 . Mother and father on sire and father is in excess of 85 lbs . Females 1250 and males 1500 . But already are micro chipped and up to date vaccinations , well visit by vet complete on all and also all dewormed . One male is the rare SOLID BLACK , and is very rare at 1750.

      1. Black German shepherd dogs are beautiful and also considered rare. They have a good and pleasant nature and because of all their traits and unique color, these are expensive dogs. The price also gets higher if the dog has a long coat with more silky and beautiful hair.

    1. I have 4 excellent German shepherd for sale . I have females . They are born 07/05/2017 . Mother and father registered AKC if you interested give me a call 4253450947

  5. My Zulu just had her first and only liter. She will be spayed afterwards. Her mother came from Mexico and they do not register her father is American and AKC. The male I️ bred her with is Bandera and he is AKC. Zulu is having her blood work done to prove she is a purebred. She will be then registered and so will her liter. She had 3 girls and 5 males. 2 girls and 1 boy are already spoken for. Because of Zulu temperament and was so easy to train the boy is being sent to be service dog for my grandson who has cerebral palsy and seizures reason why I️ bred her. She’s an awesome dog and a good mom for being her 1st liter. If interested you may txt me at 719-421-9070.

  6. I’ve noticed that all your information pertains only to female dogs.
    What are the costs for a MALE GSD?

    1. I just paid 4K for my male puppy. While not from New Skete his lineage is documented 2 generations from there. Parent bloodlines are guaranteed pure, AKC registered. For me, he’s worth every single penny.

  7. I have a AKC registered German Shepherd. She is 10 months old her name is Delilah. I am asking $500. If interested
    Please call or text 423-215-4655

  8. My sister has always wanted to have a German shepherd as a pet. It was mentioned here that taking care of a German shepherd may be pricy because of the care and training that it will need. Furthermore, it’s recommended to consult trusted businesses when planning to buy a registered German shepherd for sale.

  9. I have a 9 month year old German Shepherd puppy for sale. I’m going off to school and it’s not right for me to have him locked up all day. Paid $1350 for him. He’s a very big loving puppy. But he can get protected fast. First come $1000. He’s registered with papers. Good homes only please. Email me if interested. [email protected].

  10. My boxer sassy passed about a year ago and I want a new dog but it’s too hard to get over her. I really want a German shepherd but they cost a lot and I want a protective dog around the house.

  11. I have two purebred males, 9 weeks old. Going for 2nd vaccinations tomorrow. I had my GS female’s (dam’s) papers, but never sent them to AKC for registration because I had no plans for breeding. She is 3 yrs old and is a black and tan long haired beauty. I bought a 3 mo. old male (sire) GS (military/working GS) in August 2018 and didn’t have him neutered in time before female came into heat, so now I have 2 males and 1 female pups. Like a previous comment, I could give a care less if AKC or not, I have enough intelligence to look at a GS and observe him for awhile as to its percentage of GS heritage..or not. I don’t need the money, what I need is for the pups to live like a beloved family member who lives INSIDE in a forever home. The pups are all identically marked, black, with 4 tan feet, tan eyebrows and tan across chest. Email me if interested.

    1. I would love to own one of your puppy’s. As a kid my family always had a dog. My dad loves them to. I’m now a 62 years old man I’m retired now so i will have all the time to enjoy my puppy i live alone and to have a puppy will bring so much joy to my life and I will love he or her and take good care of will you please consider me.

    2. We need a German Sheperd, she will live as part our family insaid the house with us; would like a foto. We would train her K9, we live in a farm. My cell is 321 442 6086 ,

      1. I have 4 weeks puppies just now they born on September 18 if you want one call me at (864) 219-8519 AKC and pedigree certificates also

  12. We want to sell our female German Shepherd puppy. She’s a beautiful girl, friendly and playful. She red and black short haired. She’s 5 months old and AKC. She’s up to date on all her shots. Both parents are also AKC. We are asking $600. Will provide picture for anyone interested.

    1. Ya I am interested for buying the female can u sent the female pics on my watsaap my phone no is 9050693049 please replyyyy

    2. I am interested in your dog would like to see a picture of here Is the dog house trained what is the dogs name. Where are you located my name is Bob Mulcahy please call me when you have a chance. I am 77years young I also have a 13year old daughter (adopted my great grandauter) my wife rmwhit passed away 2years ago Its time for me to have a mate. My phone # is 774 644 4200. Call any time Thank you.

  13. Does rarity of color/pattern affect the price? Or is the popular color/pattern the more expensive because of demand? I only ask for my own curiosity. I own what I’m fairly certain is a melanistic bicolor gsd, she was abandoned and my bf took her in (before we met) and she is such a cool dog, it’s hard to believe anyone would just let her go! I’m just trying to find out what someone might have paid for her as a puppy. The only issue she has is separation anxiety. She’s about 8yo, idk if the market was different back then…

    1. I had a melanistic girl- best damn dog I ever had. Sadly she was a drop off and had horrible hip dysplasia. I had her the remaining 7 years of her life and put every penny I had into her, she was worth it. She’s home with us to this day ( I got her cremated) and I wouldn’t have it any other way.
      Melanistic are hard to find, I breed Shepherds an have yet to find them. Also yes color does affect price, I bought my white one and they had a litter of 2 white, 4 sable and 3 black and tan and I got charged 300$ more than the black and tan ones because she’s white. I personally price all of mine the same, I base price off of their lineage and paper status.

  14. My GSD has a litter due soon. They will be ready to go to forever homes for Christmas. The stud dog is imported from Germany, level I sch trained. Farm raised in rugged NV.

  15. Thanks for informing me that a German Shepherd puppy will usually cost between $300 to $900 each. I think I’ll buy a black one since I like having a black dog at my house. I’ve always wanted a dog ever since I was young, so I might buy from a breeder if they’re selling one around this price range.

  16. I feel we got lucky on our Humane Society German Shepard rescue.

    About 10 years in I realized why people “waste” $1000 on a purebred. Fact is, most breeds have pretty defined character traits. Anything otherwise is a crapshoot. Spending $1000 vs $100 (or “free”) is nothing compared to the total cost of a well maintained dog.

    I don’t know that we’ll ever have another dog (we travel a lot, which makes it a challenge to be a “good” steward of any animal), but if we do, it will be either an AKC or one with verifiable lineage.

    Just thinking about our Daisy makes me tear up. Really wish it was feasible to have another.

  17. My son and his siblings want a german shepherd i just want a nice family puppy that can grow with them not to cheap but nothing to high anyone can help me i appreciate it im in north Carolina

  18. I breed German Shepherds and have had them as pets since I was born. My dad was big into Shepherds as well. I sell mine depending on the parents, their papers, and their coats. For instance I have a White ( Champagne) Full AKC Shepherd girl whom has a pedigree a mile long that will be bread with another male- same papers as hers, their pups will be priced between 12-1500$, I have a girl who has no papers but her DNA testing proves Purebred, and the male she gets bred with is ICA registered and comes from heavy working line but their pups I only sell for 700$- all of mine have vet checks, and I Guarantee them up to a year. I have a full kennel licence and sellers license as well. So from a responsible breeder your shepherd is going to cost more, I have seen shepherds all day long go fro 400$ but with no genetic testing and no hip and elbow testing it’s risky. ALWAYS GO TO A REPUTABLE BREEDER trust me paying more for a puppy is a lot less than future vet bills.

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