German Shepherd Puppy Training Guide for Beginners – PART 6: Stop Biting

Biting and nipping are extremely common for German Shepherd puppies. Every owner will need to deal with it. But first, you have to understand this is their natural behavior for the following reasons:

  • Curious puppies explore the world with their mouths rather than with their paws
  • They need to relieve the uncomfortable teething process by chewing on things
  • They are used to playing with their siblings with their mouth and teeth and tend to bite when they get too excited
  • Herding breeds (including GSD) have the trait to bite, herd, and chase small, fast-moving things.

Here are 4 steps you can do to teach your puppy to stop biting:

  1. Say “Ouch” and turn your face away, tuck your hands in as much as possible to prevent your pup from doing it again. 
  1. If that doesn’t work, stand up and/or walk away for 30-60 seconds. Come back and play with her afterward.
  1. Hand your puppy a toy or a treat when they are likely to mouth and show her that the toy is allowed to be mouthed on.
  1. Redirection – always have a treat ready so that you can get their attention.

Here’s a short video for a quick demonstration

Done right, you’ll discover the nipping will eventually get softer and softer over time. All you need is patience and consistency. Also, make sure you provide your puppy with lots of toys for them to chew on and change them regularly to keep it interesting.

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