What To Do When You Have A Constipated Dog

Constipation means reduced or a stopped departure of stools. Constipation will accumulate feces in the back part of the intestine.

What Are The Symptoms Of Constipation

constipated dog

The dog will have difficulty passing stools. It will often sit and try to push, but often only a small dry stool is passed, and most often nothing is passed. If the condition persists,the dog will start to vomit, become very fatigued and start to lose appetite.

How Does The Veterinarian Diagnose Constipation?

The diagnosis is made by the veterinarian examining the dog. Often, the veterinarian are able to feel the blockage on the stomach. The rectum is examined, and the vet may investigate the rear of the anus, and will often feel dry stool. An X-ray is often necessary, to determine the severity of the condition.

Your vet may suggest blood samples to find the underlying cause of the dog getting constipated.

How Is Constipation Treated?

If it’s only a mild constipation, it’s usually treated by giving the dog laxatives often both through the mouth and via the rectum. If it’s severe the dog have to be anesthetized and the blockage is flushed out. In very rare cases, surgery is necessary. In all cases it’s almost always necessary to give the dog fluids by a drip.

How Does The Future Look If My Dog Is Constipated?

If constipation is treated early in the course of the disease, it will usually be no trouble to overcome. Dogs who are chronically constipated for a long time, may develop megacolon.

Why Do Dogs Get Constipated?

Constipation is most often seen as a result of something the dog ate that works “stopping”. Typically this is bones, fabric, hair or wool. Additionally, one can see the disease in dogs that have pain in or around the anus, for example if the anal glands are infected. Some dogs develop constipation due to a mechanical conditions which reduces the space in the pelvis, such as an enlarged prostate. Also if the dog is extremely dehydrated, the stool may become so dry that it causes constipation.

What’s The Risk Of Your Dog Getting Constipated?

Some dogs is more prone to constipation when eating various foods, for example bones. These dogs will most often get constipated every time they are fed that specific type of food. Dogs suffering from conditions that reduces the space in the pelvis, is also very prone to the disease.

How To Reduce The Risk Of Your Dog Getting Constipated?

If your dog is getting constipated by specific food, these should be avoided. Big surprise, right? Use chewing sticks, pig ears or the like instead of bones. The general advice is, if your dog is prone to constipation, use fiber-rich feed.

If you think your dog may be constipated, it’s best to seek help immediately, and not just wait it out. The disease is easy to treat in the early stage.

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