7 Days To Housetrain Your German Shepherd

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Ready to get the German Shepherd you have always dreamed of?

Introducing the 7 Days To A Housetrained German Shepherd.

You cannot possibly live happily with a dog unless you have it housetrained. It’s the first issue you need to address once you bring your dog home.

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Dramatically Increase The Joy Of Having A Dog

You should love your German Shepherd like a core member of your family, because he really is! But that is impossible if you can't control your dog. But a German Shepherd that haven't been properly house-trained is not a fun house-mate.

Get the House Training Strategy that works

This book is going to show you how you can have your dog well on his way to being housetrained in a week. Yes in a week, which by the way, means seven days!

Maximize Your Sessions With Your German Shepherd

I will walk you through day one to day seven and hold your hand through the routine of housebreaking your dog. Whether it’s a puppy or an adult, a male or a female - your German Shepherd needs to be housebroken.

Stop Wasting Money

It just takes a little extra knowledge and a few helpful hints to set you and your pet on the right track. You don't need a bunch of equipment and a bunch of books.

Stop Yelling At Your German Shepherd Every Day

No one feels good yelling at a family member, it's no difference when it's your dog. But in 7 days that will no longer be needed.

Stop Making Beginner Mistakes

There's nothing worse than doing the work, but not getting the results. Avoid training your German Shepherd for hours/days without actually getting the result of a happy housetrained dog.

"I purchased this book and feel it's a great book for an overall beginner. Has great tips and help for a first-time German Shepherd owner like myself. I recommend it!."

- Jeff

"I got my German Shepherd 6 months ago, and I was so close of bringing it back to the rescue where I got it. This book stopped that, and I only regret not having purchased this right when I got Sam."

- Irene


It will help to make your life easier and your dog’s as well. It just takes a little extra knowledge and a few helpful hints to set you and your German Shepherd on the right track. Don’t give up - after all you love your dog enough to go the distance and at the end of seven days, you will see that your dog has fallen into the routine and is on his way to being absolutely housetrained and accident-free! Good luck to you and your German Shepherd!

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