10 Tips When Babysitting A Dog

babysitting dogs

Most who offer themselves as babysitters for a family member’ / or friends dog enjoys the company of a dog. The majority also appreciate the extra responsibility, and some use it to get some extra exercise. By following a few tips, babysitting a dog can be an incredible experience for both the dog owner, the dog and the babysitter. By following these simple 10 tips you can all have a nice time!

  1. First impressions are very important. Make sure the dog is newly washed, trimmed and groomed.
  2. Bring the dog’ own things. Be sure to bring the dog’ basket, blankets and possibly a well-used t-shirt that is not freshly washed. The smell of the dogs owner will help the dog settle into its new surroundings. Also bring toys, balls and a long walk-line.
  3. Bring food and bowls. Be sure to bring the dog’ own food. You should never change a dog’ diet from one day to another, it may cause digestive problems.
  4. Keep the dog slim. Make sure that the babysitter does not feed the dog treats with empty calories. Treats should only be used as a reward when the dog does something good.
  5. Physical exercise. There is a big difference in taking care for a puppy, adult dog or senior dog. Be sure to talk about how much exercise the dog is used of getting. If the babysitter have a dog of their own, the everyday exercise is much easier when taking them for a walk.
  6. Medicine. Make sure that the babysitter knows whether or not your dog is taking any medicine.
  7. The babysitter have agreed upon watching your dog – not a dog with uninvited guests. Be sure that your dog is treated against fleas, ticks and worms.
  8. Be sure to indicate if the dog is not healthy.
  9. Be sure to tell if the dog is in heat.
  10. Be sure to give the number for your veterinarian. If an accident occurs, it is a huge help if the dog can go see its usual veterinarian.